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Going through a divorce isn’t easy, so you need a compassionate, experienced attorney on your side. You want someone who will take the time to listen to your concerns and who will protect your interests in negotiations and at trial, if necessary.

Divorce attorney Charles Rosenberg has more than 30 years of California family law and divorce experience. He is a savvy negotiator who understands the benefits of divorce mediation. Be assured, however, that he is also skilled in divorce litigation and will vigorously protect your rights in court if going to trial is in your best interests. You can learn more about how he can help you by contacting The Law Offices of Charles Rosenberg today.

An Attorney You Can Rely On During A Difficult Time

Charles Rosenberg understands that this is not an easy time for you or your children. He has represented thousands of clients in the Los Angeles area, from people with no children and few assets to people with children and complex assets. Whether you have a complicated contested case or a straightforward uncontested divorce, he knows how to help you.

The main elements of divorce include:

  • Legal separation: It is not required, but it is a step some couples take prior to divorce to determine property division and custody while they are waiting to divorce or while a divorce is in progress. You can decide whether you want this step as part of your divorce process.
  • Division of the marital assets and debts: This is a critical element in divorce as it can greatly affect your well-being. Attorney Rosenberg has considerable experience with division of community property.
  • Determination of alimony/spousal support: This is an important issue for the spouse who receives support and the spouse who pays it.
  • Child custody matters: If you have children, you will want a lawyer who will fight as hard as necessary to protect your time with them.

In addition, attorney Rosenberg can assist you with child support, modifications to existing orders, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Is It Time To Get Started?

You may have been contemplating divorce for a while but are unsure of what to do next. Speaking with attorney Rosenberg will help you determine what steps to take so you can be on your way to a brighter future. Please call him at 310-391-5839 or complete a short online form to arrange a consultation so you can ask questions about your divorce options.