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Restraining Orders And Domestic Violence

When domestic abuse or violence occurs, you need to act right away to protect you or your family. Ignoring abuse may lead to injury and even loss of income if you cannot work because of the injury you suffered. We can help you seek and obtain a restraining order against family members, including husbands, wives, exes, children or another person with whom you have or had a close relationship.

When you take out a restraining order, you can list the abusive behavior(s) you are seeking to prevent. A restraining order can also include provisions to keep the alleged offender away from your home, work and school. It can even prohibit contact by phone, email, social media and text.

Sometimes in divorce and child custody cases, one person falsely accuses the other of domestic violence to try to improve their case. We seriously consider such allegations and will vigorously defend you from false and misleading claims.

We Can Help You Protect Yourself And Your Rights In Restraining Order Matters

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