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How Is Child Custody Determined In California?

No aspect of divorce is easy, but determining child custody may be one of the most difficult. The Law Offices of Charles Rosenberg assertively defends your rights as a parent and advocates for maximum custody or visitation time. Child custody attorney Charles Rosenberg understands how important your children are to your happiness and will do everything that he can to protect your time with them.

Call a skilled child custody lawyer at 310-391-5839 to secure the aggressive support that you need to pursue child custody or visitation time whether you are going through a divorce or were not married.

Understanding The Child Custody Process

Child custody is determined by California’s state laws. The court aims to determine what is in the best interest of your child. To do this, they evaluate a number of factors, including:

  • The child’s wishes
  • Mental and physical health
  • Ability to provide a stable home that meets the child’s needs
  • How a change in residence will impact the child’s well-being
  • History of substance abuse or domestic abuse

After evaluating these, and other key factors, parents must submit a parenting plan to the courts for approval. The parenting plan details who has physical custody and who has legal custody, as well as who has joint or sole custody. In addition, it covers visitation time and your plans for raising your child. The ultimate goal of the plan is to create a long-term parenting strategy that benefits your child and is workable for both parents. He can help you create a practical plan that all parties can agree on.

Ongoing Support From A Child Custody Attorney

Attorney Rosenberg also assists families who require child custody modifications or enforcements after the original custody orders are finalized. Your family’s circumstances may change after divorce, and the original arrangement may no longer work for your family. The courts do not like revising custody orders, and Charles knows how to advocate your needs to pursue beneficial modifications.

Charles can guide you through the complicated relocation process if either you or your ex-spouse is considering moving to a new location.

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