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A Strong Background In Assertive Family Law Litigation

When family law attorney Charles Rosenberg receives a new case, he analyzes which approach will best meet the client’s case goals. While mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions may be faster and traditionally more cost-effective, they are not always the best solution.

When opposing parties are unable to agree to a fair solution, litigation may be a necessary tool to achieve the resolution that you deserve. He utilizes his experience to thoughtfully evaluate your case and potential outcomes to develop a personalized strategy designed to protect your rights to your share of the marital assets and your rights as a parent.

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Over 30 Years Of Litigation Experience

Attorney Rosenberg has practiced litigation since admittance to the California bar in 1985. He has tried complex cases, representing numerous family law clients. He understands how to strategically approach an intricate case such as child custody. He can clearly explain your position in court, assertively promote your position and protect your rights, whether you are facing divorce or a custody battle or another family law issue.

Having spent his entire career in California, attorney Rosenberg is very familiar with the state courts. He understands how to formulate strong arguments and how to present your case in a favorable manner. The Law Offices of Charles Rosenberg can represent you in both state and federal court.

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The outcome of your family law case will significantly impact your future. When you face a family law issue, contact the Los Angeles law firm that provides the strong litigation representation that you need. He can carefully evaluate your case and provide candid advice on next steps.

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